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Last week I wrote a post covering Mark Sisson’s commentary on his blog, Mark’s Daily Apple, in which he discussed standing desks (OR stand-up desks), depending on which vernacular you prefer.  I also said I would get some more resources together for those who had further interest and wanted to explore the topic further – well they are now nicely arranged and presented :-) so here we go…

I have been using a stand-up desk for over 18 months now and like many others out there who preceded me or are now following suit, it really has changed several aspects of my work-day and it’s not too dramatic to say it has changed my life also.

Just like the stand-up desk pundits claim;

  1. I am now more focussed and productive at work – NO, I don’t have a personal time-and-motions study to show you…!  ;-)
  2. My general posture has improved
  3. I no longer get the lower back stiffness that I seem to have tolerated for years
  4. I can ‘feel’ that I burn more energy during my workday now that I stand – and NO, I did not keep my ‘pre-standing desk’ body-fat percentage records…!  ;-)
  5. I have MORE energy at the end of my work-day when I stand than when I sit

Just to prove how sold on, and committed to, a standing desk work-day I am, I can now confirm that I just sold (on Ebay) my fully-loaded, VERY comfortable (and VERY expensive), Herman Miller Aeron chair, as it was literally gathering dust in the corner of my spare room!

I REALLY believe that everyone needs to at least try out a stand-up desk workstation or standing desk to see if it is a fit.  Of course like anything new it will take a bit of a mind-set adjustment to get one’s head around the concept that you now ‘stand at work’ instead of… well go on, admit it… ‘slump at work’.

What I would like to do is present ya’ll with a list of posts, articles and websites where you can go and gather your thoughts on the idea and the practicality of a standing desk situation.

First-things-first, let’s check out WHY you should even consider working while at your vertical-best :-)

Let’s head over to a super-favorite site of mine (a few million other peeps also…), LifeHacker.  It was their blog that first gave me the inception of the idea of being a standing-worker but since their early article on the subject they have expanded their thoughts further.  In this LifeHacker post, Standing: The One Simple Trick That Can Double Your Productivity, they discuss why it will boost productivity, 3 reasons it’s good for your health and how to get the most out of standing at work.


If you are looking for more reports and evidence of why then try, the UK newspaper, The Independent and their fairly recent article, Desk workers – stand up for your health: Millions may be making themselves ill by spending their working lives sitting down, or if you are looking for another standing desk convert, if not evangelist, then check out Columbia University Professor, Chris Blattman’s blog post, The standing desk: I am a convert.

Want to enter the debate and see hear a dissenting voice or two in contrast to me waxing lyrical on very high desks, then Gizmodo has a discussion running, started by their author Lily Hay Newman, so go and join in on, What Do You Think Of Standing Desks?.

Now if you are yearning for some examples of what a standing desk looks like then Brit & Co’s article authored by Anjelika Paranjpe, Get Up, Stand Up: 10 Do-It-Yourself Standing Desks might be of use or if you want LOTS of ideas then hit up IKEA Hacker’s blog (this link is a custom Google keyword search on their site) for literally dozens of them, IKEA Hackers – Stand-Up Desks.  Another post packed with practical ideas is from MakeUseOf contributing author, Tina Seiber with her treatise, Your Backbone Will Thank You: 6 Great Standing Desk Designs also on the same blog is a super practical write-up by Dave Parrack entitled, How To Build A Cheap Standing Desk From Ikea, And What It’s Like To Use.

If gadgets are your thing and you get to like the standing-up deal then there are plenty of opportunities for you to spend some money as demonstrated by ZDNet’s contributing blogger, Oliver Marks in his article, Elevate II electrically adjustable height standing desk is a revelation, and accompanying video below:

Ok I’m thinking I might have overwhelmed you all with links and ‘tings I do hope not – as I really would like to inspire you to seriously consider giving standing & working a shot.  it is VERY easy to try… case-in-point… I made my first stand-up desk by elevating my existing desk up on several cinder blocks as, like many others, I was not at all sure I was going to like the notion.

I recommend that you also do something similar but in saying that I would be very surprised if, being a person that is interested in Paleo-Primal, you are not struck after a few weeks how much better you feel from joining the elevated working crew…


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